Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tim Ismag & Perfecta - The Matrix (AaA Remix) (Play Me Freebie)

Ever heard of Glitch Hop? It's a genre that has been around for years but is barely hitting the spotlight in 2012! AaA remixed Tim Ismags "The Matrix" leaving one amazing remix! Soft yet still has the dubstep feel! -BBM Radio Team

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Episode 13: The Gooniees

This is Episode 13 folks. We hope you enjoy this edition. After our intro mix, We feature San Bernardino duo The Gooniees & they deliver a dope mix! Make sure you check them out & follow their twitter @thegooniees !!!

Enjoy THE SHOW!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mackz Playlist!

This is one electro producer everyone needs to hear! He tackles almost every sub-genre of electro and still adds sume Dubstep!!
KILLS it in every track! Check out his Soundcloud for more!
To many tracks to feature on the blog!! You have to look at it yourself!

-BBM Radio Team

Siteez Music

Siteez has a unique progressive style that is mellow but still very uplifting!
Keep on eye out for Siteez!!

- BBM Radio Team

BBM Radio EP.13 Feat. The Gooniees

Here we have BBM's 13th episode feat. San bernardinno's party animals, The Gooniees!!
Again we apologize for the slowing if post in the blog, we are currently building our website!!
Once the website is up we will post up the link on the blog!
Remember we want you on the show!! Send us your tracks!!!

-BBM Radio Team

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guys...WE SUCK...

Our sincerest apologies friends...we have been seriously slackin' on the posts....but WE HAVE ZEE PODCAST!!! We love bringing new mixes for you every week, so thats the shit we definitely will NEVER EVA EVA....EVA EVAVEVAVAVEAVVE LEAVE YOU WITHOUT!


HERE is EPISODE 12 w/ @DJOZEER follow him on twitter (@djozeer) & check out his stuff!!! That boy kills its live at the club! Catch him at a spot near yoU IE'rs!!!